A Dog Barks, the Trees Grow and the Wind Blows the Clouds

Madolia Dubois 4:30, France

Following the departure of her peers, a young girl contemplates and listens to the landscape which seems to transform before her eyes. At the edge of childhood, forest and day, she questions the change of space and time. On a swing, she oscillates between moments of carelessness and of melancholy.

I make films and drawings on places that intrigue me or evoke stories for me: places of travel, forest and nature, peri-urban landscape, parades and parades… Often I observe them through drawing, photography and video, sometimes I also come to record the sounds of these environments. By coming to animate the scenes that I have captured, I try to transcribe the atmosphere and the rhythm and to plunge the spectator into a singular space-time which recalls the carelessness of childhood or provokes melancholy. The environment interacts in my films with the characters and generates their reactions, or vice versa.