Domestic Animals

Severin Gmünder, Chris Bucher 28:01, Switzerland

Since Andreas has temporarily turned into a kitten, he has the animal authority OR-WELL and its sadistic official Cat-Gunther on his neck. Any such transformation is illegal! When his wife decides to live her life as a chicken and the authority knocks on their door, the family is about to fall apart. Will they escape the inhumanity of the OR-WELL territory and save their family?

Severin Gmünder and Chris Bucher met in drama school in 2008 in Zurich. They started to make short films and full length features until their projects got bigger and the directors more experienced. Meanwhile their short films have screened and won awards at festivals worldwide. Besides the projects for their film company CyrusFilms based in Lucerne, Switzerland, Gmünder works as a script supervisor in film and TV and Bucher is a writer and journalist.