Venus: Between Captivity and Flight

Mala Kline and Hana Vodeb 26:54, US

The film is based on Botticelli’s painting The Birth of Venus depicting the moment of her emergence from sea foam. This visual poem in time, a complex weaving of image, dance, poetry and music, invites us to contemplate through the continuous unfolding of forms, nature’s boundless creativity, imagination and beauty.

Mala Kline is a choreographer, dancer, director and writer based in Slovenia. Her extensive œuvre, which encompasses diverse works in different media is based on the Saphire® dreaming techniques, which she uses to create unique worlds weaved from and generated through the language of our dreaming.

Hana Vodeb works as video-artist, director, editor, screenwriter and project manager. Her research interest is in solidarity, ecology and community. In her art she employs different approaches and perspectives, changes tools and undertakes risks to enrich her own relationship to creativity.