Hubert Bąk and Piotr “Latona” Kusal 05:00, Poland

The film was made during the Covid-19 pandemic. All the shots were filmed near my home. We wanted to show that nature is beautiful. Not only tropical jungles, fjords, deserts, coral reefs, huge waterfalls… But most of all, what is close to us. Right around the corner, behind the fence, in the garden.

Hubert Bąk: co-founder of Studio Trzeci Pokój – independent film group. A graduate of the Lubuskie School of Television and Film in Zielona Góra, a photographer. Laureate of literary and film competitions. Honored with the statuette of the ‘Social Cultural Activist 2018’ and ‘Personality of the Year 2019’ in the culture category, in the poll of Gazeta Lubuska. Nominated for “spreading culture, fulfilling himself in the field of film and photography, and using his passion to participate in charity actions.”

Piotr ‘Latona’ Kusal: co-founder of Studio Trzeci Pokój – independent film group. Music is my passion, which I try to develop consistently from the moment when, as a little boy, I saw a rock band on TV. Later, it was time for an original music project called ‘Latona’, where I could combine my two passions – film and music.